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To Welcome Spring, Butterflies Are the Best Choice!


One of the trendiest, can’t-go-wrong nail designs you can have right now is the butterfly nail design! Butterfly nails are classic and cute. They are just as cute as they sound. There is nothing else you can say about them. The beauty of the butterfly would not last very long, so people tried many ways to preserve their looks before. But if you wear them on your nails, you can get that amazing look for your every day.

Here are some of the Glamermaid’s awe-striking butterfly nails that you must try if you’re a fan of butterflies or nail art in general as well.

Butterfly Fossil

This look is much of the sober kind, but who said soberly couldn’t be fun? Colors are fun, and here is a bundle of colors mixed in together to form these beautiful butterfly pieces. The base starts with blue and then consists of green and black, and a few blue butterflies. These enchanting blue nails create a wonderful color base for your radiantly bright butterfly. It’s a pretty butterfly style that’s perfect for spring. With the colorful elements, it’s a wonderful press-on nail that’s chic and ladylike. Butterfly Fossil press-on nail design will look good in your spring wear, blending perfectly with your bright floral dresses.

Butterfly Imprint

As daring as the black color is to the eyes, it looks even better when accompanied by appealing designs. This press-on nail features brown as a base with butterflies stamped on the fingers in the center. The thumb, index, and pinky fingers are left black to keep the focus on the butterflies. These beautiful butterfly nails are a great way to make a statement. It’s a no-nonsense look that says, “Don’t mess with me,” yet still maintains a feminine and minimalist design.

It’s pretty impressive how this nail design emphasizes the butterfly design, as the detail takes a prominent spot on two fingers. How’s that for an eye-catching design?

Butterfly Skeleton

Give your nails a massive revamp. When you are tired of the same old nail design, check out this simple yet fetching butterfly nail art, this design can catch people’s eyes.

While it looks simple, the fact that the two fingers on each hand have nude nail colors while the other has an exquisite butterfly style can turn heads.

The gorgeous butterfly nails look perfectly together with the red french nail art. It’s a great style to wear when you’re looking to go on a date or after-work party. This color lets you achieve a sultry and seductive look, perfect for your date night.

Night Butterfly

How sweet are these simple lavender butterflies? This butterfly nail design is so unique, and you will love how each butterfly is placed at a different spot on the nail. This press-on nail design does have a spring feel to it. If you’re looking to kick your spring into gear, this gorgeous Night Butterfly press-on nail design is perfect. It is hard to miss a manicure featuring this dark hue; thus, it is one of the easiest ways to make a statement!

Dark Butterfly

Want to give your nails a tantalizing look?

Pick black as it’s a hot and gorgeous color that can give your nails some allure. What people love about black is that it’s chic and goes well with almost every nail design. These press-on nails look seductive and irresistible. It uses black as a base color to highlight the beautiful butterflies. The color of the butterflies used in this press-on nail design has shades of blue in between and white on the sides of the butterfly wings. As if it’s not captivating enough, the butterfly nail art creates a visual interest that amps up your nail game.

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