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Get Your Kids Involved, Too: Kids Nails!

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When it comes to kids' nails, a lot of us are of the opinion that they’re way too young to start doing nail art, but the truth is, they are not. In fact, if you’ve been paying close attention to the fashion world lately, you ought to have seen kids rapidly taking over the fashion industry. That alone should tell you that kids are not in any way restricted when it comes to going after what actually gives them joy.

So whether you have 6,7,8,9, or 10-year-old kids, possessing cute nail art for your kids is something you would want to try on them. Increase your kid’s confidence by entertaining them with what they ask for. 

However, kids' skin and nails are still growing, and they may be more vulnerable. So please choose a safe and pollution-free nail product brand, such as Glamermaid. Glamermaid has a great collection of kids-sized Press on Nails that are super cute and easy to apply. Many press-on nail designs for kids feature fun and quirky colors and patterns.

Nail art kits for kids come with a variety of features. Glamermaid has everything they need to have amazing looks, whether your child wants to feel like an adult or cover their fingers in unicorns. Also, their cute little girl nail designs are not restricted to kids alone; you can as well give them a try because they’ll certainly look good on both kids' and adults' nails.

Kids' Nail Set (2 Packs)


So if you’re someone whose kids love cartoon characters a lot, then this nail art set is definitely a must-have. You all will love this budget-friendly set for families on a budget. It comes with 2 lovely press-on nail designs such as Pasture and Lovely World. You will find nail designs, including unicorns, kitties, and strawberries. This set is suitable for kids who are over 6 years old, and it’s a great choice for baby showers, Christmas, birthdays, Children’s Day, and other holidays. Your kids will have cute nails in no time.

Kids' Nail Set (4 Packs)


This kid's nail set is full of everything your little girl needs to have a fun nail look. Your kids will love showing off their beautiful nail art with this nail set. This press-on nail set is the perfect set to help girls express their own style! Little hands!! When they sit on the chair and do a little happy dance and a little tappity tap on the table with any pack… it’s so cute!

Kids' Nail Set (6 Packs)


It is one of the favorite kid's nail sets for kids. This nail set is not only great value for money but also includes a huge selection of items. This kit includes 6 different styles of press-on nail designs. With plenty of nail art options to choose from, your kids will be super excited with this Kid's Nail Set. It has a mix of rainbows, unicorns, and hearts that are incredibly cute! Vibrant and simple colors and short enough nails so they won’t become a problem. So cute!

Let your kid enjoy the freedom of their choices. Respect their choice and get press-on nails for little girls to give them chances to grow their sense of responsibility and do things with confidence.


1 comment

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