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Outstanding Colourful Nails Can Brighten Your Day Up


Glamermaid has a stunning collection of colorful press-on nails that will light up everyone’s day. Some of the gorgeous colorful press-on nails by Glamermaid are as follows:

Magical Tour

These classy Magical Tour press-on nails feature the enchanting beauty of swirling colors and the captivating charm of abstract art. This press-on nail set depicts an alluring blend of red, orange, nude, blue, and purple hues. Each hue seamlessly merges into the next hue which creates a visual feast for the eyes. Wear these press-on nails when you are feeling dull, and you will see your mood will brighten up. Add the Magical Tour press-on nails to your cart now!

Rainbow Swirls

The vibrant Rainbow Swirls press-on nails are inspired by the whimsical charm of swirling colors and the joyous beauty of rainbows. These press-on nails feature a soft nude background that creates a perfect canvas for the swirls of orange, sea green, and pink. One nail is painted in a bold orange hue, while another is in a vivacious pink shade.

The Rainbow Swirls press-on nails are ideal for special occasions, or simply adding a touch of playfulness to your everyday style. Buy them now!

Dynamic Color Blocks

Glamermaid’s Dynamic Color Blocks press-on nails have the boldness of geometric patterns and the vivacious beauty of contrasting colors. They feature a crisp white background, serving as the perfect canvas for the vibrant color blocks of purple, blue, orange, and red. These nails look very cool to the eyes and are perfect for those who love rainbow colors. If you are also a fan of vibrant colors, then add Dynamic Color Blocks press-on nail to your cart now!

Fluffy Clouds

The dreamy Fluffy Cloud press-on nails are inspired by the enchanting beauty of the sky and the serenity of clouds drifting overhead. The press-on nails feature a background that transitions through a mesmerizing blend of orange, blue, purple, and green hues, reminiscent of a magical sunset or a serene dawn. The adorable fluffy clouds seem to effortlessly match the enchanting background. Delicate rhinestones are also carefully placed on three of the nails. These Fluffy Cloud press-on nails should be on your wishlist!

Pattern Puzzles

The Glamermaid’s Pattern Puzzles press-on nails are inspired by the captivating beauty of intricate colorful patterns. They feature a soft nude background, providing an ideal canvas for the colorful patterns of red, white, light blue, blue, yellow, brown, and green. The mix and match of these press-on nails are truly a delight for the eyes. Don’t think and add the Pattern Puzzles press-on nails to your cart now!

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