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It Turns Out That Nature Contains So Many Elements!


Nail Art and Nature share a deep bond. Nature always is one of the greatest sources of inspiration for those who work in the Nails sector. Shapes, colors, and themes of nature have met art since antiquity. You can have so many choices for your nail designs. Moon and star nail art, floral nail art, leaf nail art, and mushroom nail designs are a few examples of the various themes of nature.

Glamermaid takes inspiration from Nature and then gives a personal touch to their press-on nails, featuring unusual colors and possessing perfect combinations. Let's share some instances of cute and pretty nature nail designs, which are just one of the popular nail art trends these days.

French Flower

Talk about pretty! The beautiful flowery nail art is trending all year round. They create a really cool effect with their texture and design and always draw one’s attention for their cute and colorful styles. So if you want to add a pop of color to your nails without entirely painting them, look no further than these delicate  French Flower press-on nails.  This press-on nail adds a subtle touch of color to your manicure without covering the whole nail. It’s one of the trendiest nature nails of the season, and this design takes the cake.

Leaf Party

It is said to just be all about the fall and those Autumn colors, but a leaf design is so much more versatile than that. They can be subtle and dignified or cute and playful, fit in with any outfit and be almost as unique as you are. Not all leaf nail art has to be bright — you can go dark with your mani, too. This black and white press-on nail will make you swoon. Leaf Party is a really clean-looking design with minimal leaves that are placed in the right spots. You will love this look for its elementary nature.

Rosy Cloud

Cloud nail designs are so playful and cute! It’s such a versatile look that it can be applied to any look. Pale blue nails with pastel pink blooms have a way of making us stop and stare for a while. If you feel the same, you'll be glad to know Glamermaid has exactly the same nail art design, i.e., Rosy Cloud. You will feel calm whenever you see this manicure with a dreamy cloud design. The pastel base color allows the clouds to be the star of the show without looking overwhelming. The beautiful combination of pastel pink and blue makes this manicure look incredibly soothing to the eyes, while the textured white clouds provide the perfect contrast.

Good night

Capture the essence of the night sky and wear the moon and stars on your nails! This is the one for you if you’re after star nail art that never gets old or tacky. This look strips everything down to make the tiny details really stand out. So take a second and properly admire this moon and star nail art because it truly is art. The details of this design are so exquisitely made that it makes it seem like the tips of the nails are windows into real galaxies. Oh my, don’t you just love those delicate textured details? There’s no better time to wear this press-on nail at an event where you must dress to impress – it’s an exquisite combination of elegance and high fashion.

Mushroom Lovers

Mushrooms aren't that fun to deal with when they take over your backyard, but they sure as hell make for great nail art, as demonstrated in Mushroom Lovers' press-on nail design. Everyone fancies some mushrooms now and then, and this cheerful manicure puts them at your fingertips. Mushroom Lover put a high-fashion spin on the classic red and nude manicure with a pair of mushrooms. Note that the nude base makes the cherry-red mushrooms stand out even more.


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