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Happy Valentine's Day: Every Girl Wishes to Receive Such a Gift


Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away, and one has to be fully prepared for it. If you have decided on your dress, then it is time to decide on your nails too. Now many of us don’t get time to go to the parlor and get our nails done. So, at this time Glamermaid nails will come in handy.

Glamermaid has a huge collection of press on nails that will give you Valentine’s Day perfect vibes. Each nail design is different from the others but surely has a heart design. Here are some gorgeous Valentine’s Day special press on nails that you have to give a try.

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Heartbeat Signal

The Heartbeat Signal Press on nail designs should be on your wishlist. These press on nails prove to be the best because of their whimsical design and colors. The heart design made of different tones of pink and red will surely make your significant other go crazy for you. These Heartbeat Signal press on nails are going to give you a trendy and elegant look on this Valentine’s Day. We are sure that you will impress your date with the Heartbeat Signal Press on nails, so go and grab them now!

Heart Pointing

When all you see is red on Valentine’s day, then it is time to be different and try out a unique style. The Heart Pointing press on nails will surely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. This nail design is so simple yet so alluring. The base color is nude whereas the nails are designed with a blue French tip. The black hearts are placed between the two colors giving the nails a very unique look. Order the Heart Pointing nails to wear on the 14th of next month.

Tiny Heart

The Tiny Heart press on nails promise to give you a subtle look. If you don’t want to look all dressed up on your date, then you can go with this simple nail design. These press on nails have a nude base and tiny black hearts near the cuticles. The Tiny Heart press on nails will look gorgeous on all ladies, and we are sure your significant other will also complement your nails. Don’t think twice and place your order!

Plummy Heart

Look different this Valentine's Day by wearing the Plummy Heart press on nail design. If you are someone who loves to wear purple, then you should opt for the Plummy Heart press on nail design. These press on nail features heart shapes with different hues of purple. The base color is nude which gives a simple look.

Black Heart

These Black Heart press on nails are for those who like to steal the limelight. As the name shows, these press on nails feature black hearts. The colors used to make this legendary press on nail designs are black, white, and grey. So, follow your heart and add the Black Heart press on nails into your cart now.

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