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Look at These Nail Tools, Because You'll Regret Not Buying them Sooner!


Do you apply your press on nails without any tools? If yes, then you are seriously missing out. Nail tools are specifically designed for nail lovers who want to have flawless nails. Glamermaid has a great collection of nail tools that will make you achieve that flawless nail art saloon look.

Following is the list of Nail tools manufactured by Glamermaid and also their benefits and uses. Give it a read!

Nail Prep Oil Remover

Sometimes we can’t see or feel the oil or grease present on our nails but it might be present. If the oils are present on the nails, then it’s hard for the nail glue to act as a good adhesive. So, for this purpose, one can use oil remover.

Glamermaid Nail Prep Oil Remover helps to remove the oil or grease from the surface of the nails. Not only this it also helps to prevent air bubbles and acts as an adhesive base to apply press on nails.

How to Use it:

Just apply it and leave it for 30 to 60 seconds to air dry.

Nail Glue Debonder

Some nail glues are hard to remove and to make your task easier, Glamermaid has introduced Nail Glue Debonder. The Nail Glue Debonder helps to remove the previous nail glue and false nails, so you can have a clean base to apply new press on nails. It softens the glue, so you don’t have to scratch it.

How to Use

Just apply a moderate amount of nail glue debonder on your false nails or glue and let it sit for several minutes. When the glue softens use the right tool to scratch the glue. Repeat the steps until you achieve a clear nail base.

Nail Glue


To apply press on nails one needs nail glue. The nail glue helps to bond the press on nails strongly. This nail glue does not contain any harmful ingredients and is made of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate. It is easy to use and also dries quickly.

How to Use

Just apply the nail glue on the nail surface, wait for a few seconds, apply the nails and press them gently.

10 Sheets Adhesive Tabs

The 10 Sheets Adhesive Tabs manufactured by Glamermaid would be one of the best investments you ever made. They are available in 12 different sizes, so they can fit almost all nail shapes. These adhesive tabs are transparent and each sheet has 24 pieces. 

How to Use

First clean your nails, then choose the correct size of the adhesive tab. Now stick the adhesive tab to the nail and peel off the film. Now stick your press on nail and press it for 15 seconds. To remove the adhesive tabs, just soak your hands in warm water for 2 minutes and use a small stick to remove the fake nails by pushing them from the side.

Professional Nail File and Buffer

The Glamermaid’s nail file and buffer are also one of the best tools. The nail file helps to make the nail shape, whereas buffer helps to clean the nail bed and make them look shinier and healthier.

Alcohol Prep Pad

Glamermaid also has Alcohol Nail Prep Pads that help to remove the excess oil and grease from the nails. Not only it removes the oil, but also helps to moisturize the nails. These Prep Pads are 50 in number, and you just need one for all 10 nails.

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