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The Coolest Matte Nail Designs for Everyone!!


Glamermaid has the coolest Matte Press-on Nail Designs for everyone who loves matte nails. Matte nails look very decent, and they have been in fashion for a decade. The matte press-on nails come in different shapes, colors, and patterns. They can easily elevate a boring outfit and make you look put together.

When in doubt, wear matte press-on nails. If you are also looking for matte press-on nails, then do check the following designs by Glamermaid:

Joyful Encounter

Glamermaid’s Joyful Encounter press-on nails are quite delightful and elegant. These press-on nails feature a nude base that transitions into a crisp white base at the tips that create a delicate backdrop for the vivid red flowers and dots adorning the nails.

The Joyful Encounter press-on nails can easily complement various outfits and styles. The red flowers and dots look ultra-gorgeous and will make your hands look delicate. Don’t forget to add the Joyful Encounter press-on nails to your cart now!


Nighty-night press-on nails are perfect for those who appreciate dark matte nails. They feature a deep black background for a blood-dripping design and a white scream mask design to create a truly haunting aesthetic.

The Glamermaid’s Nighty-night press-on nails are for those who want to make a bold statement. These nails are best for themed events, costume parties, and Halloween. Embrace the darkness and let your nails do the talking.

Color Comics

Color Comics press-on nails showcase vibrant colors. These press-on nails feature a stunning array of different colors, with each nail outlined by a bold black border. These nails will surely make you look like a diva.

Color comics press-on nails feature bright colors that will surely uplift your outfit. Although these press-on nails are matte, the sparkly design made by the white color makes it seems like they are shiny or glossy. Order them now!

Spring Picnic

Spring Picnic press-on nails are quite refreshing for everyone. They are perfect for those who appreciate the beauty of the spring season. This press-on nail set consists of two nails with an orange background, two with a white background, and one dark blue background. Each nail is adorned with unique floral and botanical motifs.

One nail depicts a single white flower, while the other is adorned with a circle made of delicate white flowers. The two nails with the white background provide a refreshing canvas for the striking black leaf and the vibrant orange flowers. Embrace the beauty of these nails and order them!

New Foliage Emerged

Glamermaid’s New Foliage Emerged press-on nails are truly nature-inspired. If you are someone who appreciates the beauty and serenity of fresh foliage and blooming flowers, then these nails are for you. These press-on nails feature a harmonious combination of dark green and white backgrounds, adorned with delicate floral and leaf designs.

These nails are best for daily wear and for joyous occasions. Add New Foliage Emerged press-on nails to your wishlist now!

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